Ongoing projects:

  • Organic beef and other ecosystem services produced at semi-natural pasture and forest mosaics (Annemieke Gärdenäs, The Swedish Research Council  Formas 221-2014-287 Programme Organic production and consumption)
  • Climate sensitivity and reforestation of tropical trees (Johan Uddling, VR Development Research grant 2018-04669)
  • BIstånd till nordiska bin – unik resurs för framtidens ekosystemtjänster (EU project including Åslög Dahl and with Nordens Ark and Norges Birökterlag as PIs)
  • Visualising and modelling urban air quality – influence of vegetation, building morphology and traffic emissions (Håkan Pleijel, Formas grant FR-2018/0006, call for research promoting Sustainable Societies)
  • Scenario-based decision support for policy planning and adaptation to future changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services (BioDiversa project including Håkan Pleijel and with Camilla Andersson at SMHI as PI)
  •  Clean the air with plants – can PAH exposure be reduced with urban vegetation?(Håkan Pleijel, Formas research project grant FR-2017/0009)
  • Tropical montane forests in a warming world (Göran Wallin, VR Development Research grant 2015-03338)
  • Tropical trees in a warmer climate (Johan Uddling, Formas research project grant 2015-1458 to “Future research leaders”)
  • Research under the expert group ICP Vegetation of the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution, funded by the Swedish EPA (Håkan Pleijel)
  • Canopy carbon and water relations in a boreal Scots pine forest (Göran Wallin, Lasse Tarvainen & colleagues at SLU Umeå)
  • Tropical tree mortality – causes and predictability (Maria Wittemann, Lasse Tarvainen & Johan Uddling, project within the strategic research area BECC).
  • Drought and heat as tropical tree killers (Lasse Tarvainen, Formas research project grant 2019-01470 – “Research and development projects for early-career researchers”)
  • Tropical tree mortality in a changing climate (TTMCC): EU H2020-MSCA-IF-2018 (#844319) (Eric Mirindi Dusenge & Johan Uddling)
  • Carbon and nutrient dynamics in secondary and primary forest in Nyungwe tropical montane rainforest (Göran Wallin & Johan Uddling; project within a Sida funded capacity building programme)
  • Acclimation of physiological processes in Norway spruce to changing temperature (Göran Wallin, Johan Uddling & Shubhangi Lamba); project within the strategic research area BECC)
  • Making the right choice – Impact of genetics on productivity of Norway spruce in a changing climate (Lasse Tarvainen & Göran Wallin, Tandem Forest Values, in collaboration with colleagues from Skogforsk and the University of Helsinki, Finland)


Past recent projects:

  • Quantifying landscape drivers of global freshwater change (Fernando Jaramillo & Johan Uddling, project within the strategic research area BECC)
  • Exploring ecosystem services related to carbon and water in a tropical montane forest in central Africa (Göran Wallin, project within the strategic research area BECC)
  • Molecular basis of natural variation in stomatal CO2 responsiveness (Karin Johansson, Mats Andersson & Johan Uddling; funded by Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare)
  • The impact of ecosystem responses to climate change on future Swedish river flow and chemistry (Fernando Jaramillo & Johan Uddling; project within the strategic research area BECC)
  • Natural variation in stomatal responses to elevated CO2 (Thomas Hasper & Johan Uddling; project within the strategic research area BECC)
  • Responses of vegetation to elevated ozone and carbon dioxide – response functions and meta-analyses (Håkan Pleijel, Johan Uddling & Malin Broberg)
  • Valuation of ecosystem services provided by urban greenery (Håkan Pleijel & Johan Uddling; part of Formas project led by Sofia Thorsson at the Department of Earth Science)

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