Books / Book chapters & PhD theses


Duarte AG, Dusenge ME, McDonald S, Bennett K, Lemon K, Radford J, Way DA. Photosynthetic acclimation to temperature and CO2: the role of leaf nitrogen. In Photosynthesis, Respiration and Climate Change. Springer Book (in Press)


Lamba, S (2019) Acclimation of boreal Norway spruce to climate change: Empirical and modelling approaches. PhD thesis.

Lindholm, M (2019) Heathlands – a lost World? PhD thesis.



Dahl, Å, van den Bosch, M, Ogren, T. (2018)  Allergenic pollen emissions from vegetation threats and prevention. In: van den Bosch, M. , Bird, W.  (Eds.) Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health: The role of nature in improving the health of a population. Oxford.



Galan, C., Dahl, Å, Frenguelli, Gehrig, R, (2017),.Airborne pollen in Europe. In: Singh, A.B. (Ed.).  Allergy and allergen immunotherapy: new mechanisms and strategies. Toronto, New Jersey, Apple Academic Press.



Nyirambangutse, B. (2016) Carbon and nutrient cycling in Afromontane tropical forests at different successional stages. PhD thesis.



Hasper, T. (2015) Tree stomatal regulation and water use in a changing climate – from tropical to boreal ecosystems. PhD thesis.



Pleijel, H. (2013). Ekologi. En introduktion. Gleerups, Malmö. 192 pp.

Eriksen, B., Dahl, Å., Neuendorf, M-, Tind, K. (2013) Nyttoväxter från hela världen. Warnes förlag, Sävedalen.

Dahl, Å., Galán, C., Hajkova, L, Pauling, A., Sikoparija, B., Smith, M., Vokou, D. The onset, course and intensity of the pollen season. In: Sofiev, M, Bergman, KC (2013) Allergenic Pollen. A review of the production, release, distribution and health impacts. Springer, Dordrecht etc.

de Weger, L.A., Bergmann, K.C., Rantio-Lehtimäki, A., Dahl, Å., Buters, J., Déchanp, C. Belmonte, J., Thibaudon, M., Cecchi, L., Besancenot, J.-P., Galán, C., Waisel, Y. Impact of pollen. In: Sofiev, M, Bergman, KC (2013) Allergenic Pollen. A review of the production, release, distribution and health impacts. Springer, Dordrecht etc.

Sofiev, M., Belmonte, J., Gehrig, R,, Izquierdo, R., Smith, M, Dahl, Å., Siljamo, P.: Airborne pollen transport. In: Sofiev, M., Bergman, KC (2013) Allergenic Pollen. A review of the production, release, distribution and health impacts. Springer, Dordrecht etc.



Tarvainen, L. (2012) Carbon dioxide and water vapour exchange within a Norway spruce canopy. PhD thesis.

Pleijel, K. & Pleijel, H. (2012). Miljö- och energikunskap. Gleerups, Malmö. 239 pp.



Lidskog, R. & Pleijel, H. (2011). Co-producing Policy-Relevant Science and Science-Based Policy: The Case of Regulating Ground-Level Ozone. In: Lidskog, R. & Sundqvist, G. (Eds.): Governing the Air. The Dynamics of Science, Policy, and Citizen interaction MIT Press, Cambridge and London, pp 223-250.



Emberson, L.D., Büker, P., Engardt, M., van Tienhoven, A.M., Agrawal, M., Zunkel, M., Hicks, K., Pleijel, H., Oanh, N.T.K., Amgain, L.P., Islam, T., Shamsi, S.R.A., perera, G.A.D., Krüger, G.H.J. & Smit, P.R. (2010). Assessing Ground-Level Ozone (O3) Impacts to Crops in Parts of Asia and southern Africa. The Regional Air Pollution in Developing Countries (RAPIDC) Crops project. In: (Gurjar, B.R., Molina, L.T. & Ohja, C.S.P. (Eds.) Air Pollution. Health and Evnironmental Impacts. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton. Pages 421-445.



Pleijel, H. (Ed) (2009). Air pollution & climate change. Two sides of the same coin? Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Stockholm. 167 pp.



Pleijel, H. (2008). Miljön i korsvägen mellan fakta och värdering. In: Andersson, E. A. & Jagers, S. C. (Eds) Global Hållbar Utveckling. Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm. Pages 57-73.



Pleijel, H. (Ed) (2007). Transboundary Air Pollution, Scientific understanding and Environmental Policy in Europe. Studentlitteratur, Lund. 231 pp. Pleijel co-author of four out of nine chapters of the book.



Hultberg, H., Hultengren, S. & Pleijel H. (eds) (2006). Air Pollution, Environment and Future. 35 years of research on forest, soils and water. The Gårdsjö Foundation and Naturcentrum Consultatns Ltd, Stenungsund 54 pp.

Hultberg, H., Hultengren, S. & Pleijel, H. (2002). Luftföroreningar miljö och framtid. 30 års forksning om skog, mark och vatten. 48 pp. Gårdsjöstiftelsen.



Uddling, J. (2004). Uptake of ozone and its impact on silver birch. Doctoral thesis, Göteborg University, Department of Botany. ISBN 91-628-6238-3.



Selldén, G., Karlsson, P.E., Uddling, J., Pleijel, H. & Skärby, L. (2002). Forest vitality and stress implications. Air pollution effects – Ground-level ozone. In: Harald Sverdrup and Ingrid Stjernquist (Eds.), Developing Principles and Models for Sustainable Forestry in Sweden. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp. 216-222.

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