Finland: Depicting reindeer impact on vegetation and ecosystem processes by using national borders as long-term experiments



Lucia at the Department relying heavily on AiroPlant this year!

Lucia 2019_tåg


Göran Wallin is back from Rwanda where the rainout shelters are now in place at the Sigira and Rubona field sites.

Rainout shelters in Sigira


PhD Shubhangi Lamba with opponent and evaluation board after successful defense of her thesis! From the left: Anders Ahlström (LU), Mats Niklasson (Nordens Ark), Shubhangi Lamba, Johan Bergh (SLU), Anna-Maria Jönsson (LU, opponent), Anna Jensen (LnU).

Shubhangi Lamba_2019-09-20.jpg


Shubhangi Lamba is about to nail her thesis!

Shubhangi Lamba_2019-08-30


Mattias Lindholm nails his thesis!

Mattias spikning


Leaf samplingChl fluo

Top: Myriam, Alphonse and Dominique doing leaf sampling at Makera site.

Bottom: Lasse and Maria measuring leaf thermal tolerance using chlorophyll fluorescence methodology.


One of our professors is interviewed in an article in the newspaper Expressen:

Isabellas snö är bilden av ett land som går förlorat



AiroPlant Annual Getaway, this time to Gårdsjön!


Research by Uddling, Broberg and Pleijel in New York Times (


Pleijel and Uddling were interviewed in an article about effects of elevated CO2 on the quality of rice on the webpage of SVT (Swedish Television):




Gas exchange team measuring temperature responses of photosynthesis and respiration in potted plants of Syzygium guineense and Harungana montana at Rubona, Rwanda. From left: Maria, Bahati, Myriam and Eric Mirindi.



Johan Uddling at a visit at Tartu University where our previous postdoc Karin Johansson now work in Hannes Kollist’s group (left). Research is on elucidating mechanisms of stomatal responses, which are measured using their impressive gas exchange systems (left and right).


photo_1.jpg      PHOTO_2

31st  ICP Vegetation Task Force meeting in Dessau-Roßlau, Germany.
Håkan Pleijel, Harry Harmens,  Yansen Xu, Lisa Emberson


rwanda 17jan2018

Mounting climate station in Ibanda Makera, Rwanda






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Research visit to Beijing with Professor Zhaozhong Feng and his research group at the Chinese Academy of Science. Visiting their experimental site with ozone exposure of poplar and peach trees using OTCs and FACE systems.


rwanda visit aug 2017

Visit in Rwanda, from left: Myriam, Bahati, Göran, Etienne, Felicien, Bonaventure, Aloysie, Johan


Job opportunity

Postdoctor position ‘Risk assessment of N and P leaching from forest ecosystems’ at the  Dept. of Biological and Environment Sciences, University of Gothenburg under supervision of Associate Prof. Annemieke Gärdenäs, We are looking for a candidate with competence in biogeochemical modelling and programming. More information about the position and application process can be found at
We welcome applications until 20 August 2017.



Field work in FACE experiment with oilseed rape at University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. How will photosynthesis, growth, and yield respond to elevated CO2?



Hindås team 2017

Ozone expert workshop, Hindås, Sweden
Ozone Impacts on Food Security in Rapidly Developing Countries: Concerns and Possible Solutions



Johan Uddling – invited speaker at the 2nd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference,
Sitges, Spain

malin and håkan in sithes

Håkan Pleijel and Malin Broberg at poster session



Field work crew in Nyungwe forest, Rwanda.









Left: Aloysie measuring leaf morphological traits

Right: Myriam measuring leaf stomatal conductance.


Congratulations to Doctor Tage Vowles!











Tage Vowles nailing his thesis entitled “The influence of herbivory on shrub expansion in the Scandes forest-tundra ecotone”



Johan Uddling participating in the “luciatåg”



Brigitte Nyirambangutse defending her PhD thesis entitled “Carbon and Nutrient Cycling in Afromontane Tropical Forests at Different Successional Stages”









Bioenv’s Half-time PhD Seminar titled

Understanding the stomata response to CO2 and temperature warming: A physiological and evolutionary approach

By Thomas Berg Hasper, Ph.D. Candidate
Supervisor: Johan Uddling, Ass. Prof.

When: 10th June 2014, 10:30h
Where: Room 6, Botanhuset


AiroPlant group in EGU 2014, Vienna, Austria

Some members of the AoP group recently attended the Annual EGU General Assembly presenting some of their work.

The different studies presented as posters in different sections were: Congo basin forest carbon dynamics (Brigitte Nyirambangutse and Eric Mirindi Dusenge), CO2 effects on terrestrial biogeochemical fluxes and ecosystem functioning (Angelica Af Ekenstam, Shubhangi Lamba and Thomas B. Hasper) and Megacities: air quality and climate impacts from local and global scales (Maria Grundström).

Some highlights of the conference:









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In the news: Johan Uddling was on Vetenskapsradion this morning (read and listen here). The reason was to discuss a Nature article released today by Reyes-Fox et al., about elevated CO2 extending the growing season in the fall by about a week in a grassland experiment.

Enjoy the listening and reading!

Date: 24 April 2014

In the news: CO2 and ozone affect wheat’s nutritional quality

by Håkan Pleijel and Johan Uddling

Predicting the effects of changing levels of atmospheric gases on agricultural crops is vital to ensuring food security under global environmental change. As well as yield, impacts on the nutritional value of crops must be considered. A new study has now shown that increased ozone decreases yields and increases the proportion of protein in the grain. Conversly, elevated levels of CO2 boosts wheat yields, but it also reduces protein proportion in two different ways.

Read the article in: or pdf

Published in:
Science for Environment Policy, 14 March 2013 (Issue 321), CO2 and ozone affect wheat’s nutritional quality, European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service.


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