Thesis Projects

Are you looking for a student BSc or MSc project?

We regularly supervise BSc and MSc thesis projects in our various fields of research, i.e. ecophysiology, ecology, ecosystem science and environmental science. Some possible thesis topics are listed here, but mostly projects are formed in discussions between the student and potential supervisor.

You can get an idea of what kind of projects that we supervise by looking at the descriptions of the research interests of individual AiroPlant members (see People), as well as by looking at the lists of possible topics and recent BSc and MSc theses below.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss possible thesis projects!

Possible BSc and MSc project topics:

  • Ecophysiology and ecosystem processes in tropical forests. Ecophysiological and ecological research on the climate sensitivity of trees in montane rainforest and forest plantations in Rwanda. This is part of a long-term collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and the University of Rwanda. Swedish students may apply for stipend from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to cover costs associated with field work in Rwanda. Contacts: and
  • Airborne pollen and the ecology of plants that produce them. Research on this include the effect of climate on phenology and reproductive effort as well as meteorology, pollen release and transport. The impacts of allergenic pollen on symptoms and life quality are also studied in cooperation with allergists, including the additive effects of allergenic pollen and air pollution. Contact:
  • System ecology from a Biogeophysical perspective. Research questions with focus on how human land use and management and environmental change affect the fluxes of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and radionuclides in terrestrial ecosystems. Process-oriented models are used to analyze relationships between management, vegetation, soil, climate and hydrology. Data from long-term experiments and the Swedish national soil inventory are used to test hypotheses and validate models. Contact:
  • Air pollution effects on vegetation. Research on air pollutants, including their effect on vegetation and the dynamics of their occurrence in ecosystems. Particular focus on the effects of ground-level ozone on crops and trees. Most of this research includes international collaboration with groups in the UK, China, India and Australia. Contacts: and
  • Urban vegetation. Research on the effects of urban vegetation on ecosystem services such as cleaning of the air (by air pollution deposition to vegetation), noise reduction, and creation of favorable microclimatic conditions. Moreover, the vitality of urban trees and how it is affected by the harsh urban environment and human planting methods are also studied. Contacts: and
  • Tree temperature acclimation. Investigation of tree acclimation capacity to increased temperature using controlled experiments and studies along natural temperature gradients. Different types of thesis projects are possible on this topic. Contacts: : and
  • The direct uptake of nitrogen by Norway spruce shoots. It is vital to get information on the pathways by which the deposited nitrogen enters the forest ecosystems. This has implications for the evaluation of nitrogen impacts on forest ecosystem functions, both the risk for leakage to surface waters as well as impacts on biodiversity. Project intended for one semester. Contact:

Recent BSc and MSc theses:

  • Claire Ract, BSc. Acclimation of photosynthetic heat tolerance in a tropical species Harungana montana grown at different temperatures. 2019.
  • Lucas Guimarães Gebrim, MSc. Assessing the connection between negative runn-off trends and land use change – a study in the Brazilian Cerrado. 2019
  • Viktor Hedlund, MSc. Impact of cattle grazing on tree establishment in restored wood pastures in south-west Sweden. 2019.
  • Moa Hjulfors, MSc. Drought induced episodic acidification in Swedish fresh waters – Summer 2018 and the development since 1980. 2019.
  • Lovisa Brandt, BSc. Påverkan av kvävegödsel på växthusgasbalansen – Hur stor är nettoeffekten av att använda kvävegödsel i jordbruket? 2019.
  • Nicklas Albertsson, BSc. Alpine seed rain: comparing snowbeds with surrounding terrain. 2019.
  • Tebkew Shibabaw Achenef, Msc. Soil organic carbon stock developments in response to land use change and climate change. 2018.
  • Elin Ramstedt, Bsc. Vilken påverkan har tre olika alternativa förvaltningsmetoder på ängs- och betesmarker? – En studie om biodiversitet i gräsmarker. 2018.
  • Molly Suurna, BSc. Differences in response to rising CO2 between forest and agriculturally dominated basins. 2018.
  • Sandgren Stina, Climate change impact on water balance and export of dissolved organic carbon: a sub-catchment modelling approach. 2017.
  • Mauricio Sagastuy, MSc. Agroforestry as a biodiversity conservation tool and the motivations and limitations for small scale farmers to implement agroforest systems in the north-eastern Atlantic Forest biome in Brazil. 2018.
  • Daniel Ganszky, MSc. Climate sensitivity of tropical trees along an elevation gradient in Rwanda. 2017.
  • Julia Johansson, BSc. Stadsvegetationens ekosystemtjänster – Synliggörande och värdering. 2017.
  • Malin Andersson Stavridis, BSc. An analysis of the relationship of crop ozone sensitivity with stomatal conductance, leaf mass per unit area and crop type. 2017.
  • Alessandro Howe, MSc, Determinants of drought tolerance in tree species considered for urban plantation in Scandinavia. 2017.
  • Mathias Molau, Msc. Low temperature effects on the zonation of woody plant species in the nyungwe tropical montane forest – the effect of topography on microclimates and species composition. 2017.
  • Ntawuhiganayo Bahati Elisée (BSc at University of Rwanda) Photosynthetic capacities and growth of six tropical rainforest tree species under different light conditions. 2016.
  • Sara Abrahamsson, MSc thesis – Vegetationens påverkan på luftföroreningshalter i urban miljö. 2016.
  • Emilia Sand, MSc thesis – The effects of surface permeability and constructed structural soil on the growth of linden trees in Gothenburg, Sweden. 2016.
  • Camille Ziegler, MSc thesis – Ecophysiological traits determine successional strategy in montane rainforest tree species in Rwanda. 2015.
  • Ellen Pagel, BSc MSc thesis – The genetic basis of stomatal CO2 responsiveness in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2015.
  • Alexander Fredriksson, BSc thesis – Hur möter skogsägare och försäkringsbolagen ökade stormskador till följd av klimatförändringar? 2015.
  • Carl Thordstein, MSc Thesis – Vad har föranlett de höga halterna av PM10 vid Masthuggstorget. (2014).
  • Malin Broberg, MSc thesis – Effects of elevated zone and carbon dioxide on wheat crop yield – Meta-analysis and exposure-response relationships. 2014.
  • Mirindi Eric Dusenge, MSc thesis – Photosynthesis ecology of tropical forests in Rwanda. 2014.
  • Linda Hansson, BSc thesis – Fine-root production in primary and secondary montane tropical rainforest. 2014.
  • Adrian Gustafson, BSc thesis – Do plant responses to increased atmospheric CO2 affect river runoff? A study of Swedish rivers. 2014.
  • Martina Lutz, BSc thesis – Acclimation of photosynthesis to different growth temperatures in Betula pendula. 2013.
  • Kerstin Varenius, MSc thesis – Photosynthetic capacities of Polyscias fulva. 2013.
  • Ignacio Ruiz Guzman, BSc thesis – Response of stomatal conductance to CO2 and VPD in silver birch (Betula pendula). 2013.
  • Moritz Mez, BSc thesis – Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the air quality in Gothenburg and Stockholm. 2013.
  • Wisam Khisro, MSc thesis – The Effect of Climate Change on the Vegetation Cover of the Mujib Nature Reserve – Dead Sea. 2013.
  • Nomoto, H, Applied course project – Pollen production and phenology in 12 species from the Poaceae family. 2013
  • Nomoto, H, BSc thesis – Changes in the Poaceae pollen season in Gothenburg (1979-2012) and the synchronization between pollen season and flowering phenology. 2013
  • Adrian Gustafsson and Linda Hansson, Internship project – Pollen dispersal and phenology- A compilation of statistics and physical geography for phenology and pollen forecasting. 2013
  • Hoda Sadraei, MSc thesis – Genetic loci controlling intraspecific variation of stomatal response to CO2 in (Arabidopsis thaliana). 2012.
  • Anke Hartmanns, BSc thesis – Calculation of the Transpiration and Net Carbon Dioxide Assimilation in Norway Spruce, based on Sap Flow Data. 2012.
  • Omar, A., BSc thesis – Vitlök och dess effekt på hälsan. 2012.
  • Helena Målsäter, MSc thesis – Håller det? – Små och medelstora företags perspektiv på hållbarhet. 2012.
  • Angelica Vårhammar, BSc thesis – Photosynthetic temperature responses of tropical tree species in Rwanda. 2011.
  • Felix Niyonzima, BSc thesis – Comparison of photosynthetic activity of native and exotic species at the Arboretum Ruhande. 2010.
  • Mirindi Eric Dusenge, BSc thesis – Photosynthesis of tropical forest trees in Rwanda – a physiological characterization of some exotic tree species in Arboretum tree plantation. 2010.
  • Ibrahim, T, BSc thesis – Effekten av honung. Vad har honung för effekt på hälsan? 2010.
  • Anna-Karin Olsson, MSc thesis – Effects on photosynthesis and stomatal conductance in Trembling aspen (Populus Tremuloides Michx. ) after more than 10 years of growth in free air CO2 and/or O3 enrichment. 2010.
  • Gabriela Onianda, MSc thesis – Effects of elevated CO2 and/or O3 on photosynthesis and stomatal conductance of Betula papyrifera Marsh. in a long-term FACE experiment. 2010.
  • Johanna Gårdsten, BSc thesis – Photosynthesis in tropical forests in Rwanda. 2010.
  • Sjöberg, M., BSc thesis – Chromelosporium, a pathogenic fungus on golf greens? Occurrence and pathogenicity test. 2009.

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