The AiroPlant team participates in teaching programmes in biology and environmental science. We contribute both on the bachelor (Biology, Environmental Science) and the master level (BiologyEnvironmental Science, Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems). Bachelor programmes are given in Swedish while the master programmes are international and taught in English. The teaching of the AiroPlant group covers plant physiology and ecology as well as climate change and air pollution and their effects in the environment. We also participate in courses with more applied content such as environmental impact assessment and international environmental agreements. We have many students from abroad representing a wide range of countries inside and outside Europe.

One of the courses organized by the AiroPlant group is the 15 HEC master level advanced course Plant Ecophysiology in a Global Change Perspective. This course is described in more detail under Courses.

Furthermore, we have designed and performed a substantial number of PhD courses e.g. in plant ecology,  ecophysiology, environmental biophysics and certain aspects of biogeochemistry.

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