What’s the key to real business growth and effective digital marketing?


We understand the power of having someone come into a business with fresh eyes and a clear view. Seeing it through the eyes of a client considering walking through your digital door for the first time.

We understand the power of stepping outside of your office to be in a different environment, without the noise and normality of the everyday. To be somewhere new and purely focussed ‘on’ not ‘in’ the business.

We understand the power of having true clarity around what you ‘do’, how you do it differently, the clients you serve and the outcomes you create. We also know the magic that happens when you are able to perfectly articulate this into crystal clear messaging on every digital touchpoint to create a power digital presence that drives your business forward and underpins everything you do.


By getting true clarity on your business, we can create a digital strategy that sets you up for real growth.

During this workshop Felicity will work with you, your Directors or Management Team to get to the heart of your business. We’ll take you through a set framework where we go deep analysing your client avatars, thoroughly map out each stage in the customer journey, we’ll explore your industry by looking closely at your competitors - what they’re doing well and what opportunities are waiting hidden…. and a whole lot more.

What to expect?



Before the session, we’ll do a lot of homework so we can lead you on the day and help you find all the hidden magic and opportunity that you are currently missing.

There’ll be a small questionnaire with some prompts to complete and a short briefing before hand that we can do via the phone. For example, we get you to nomiate some of your main competitors prior to the event so we can investigate them and give you a whole bunch of data about what they’re doing online, how they’re doing it and what this means for you.

Most of the heavy lifting is done by us before the event as we prep up a storm to ensure you get the absolute most out of the day.


The event.

It’s a big day, but it’s a great day. We can promise 3 things from your day:

  1. You’ll have a serious amount of ahaaaa moments on the day as we look at your business from every angle.

  2. You don’t need to bring a thing. Paper, pens, coffee, lunch is all provided so you don’t need to concentrate on anything but your amazing business.

  3. It’s one day where you absolutely want to be present and have your phone turned off for the whole event (9am - 3pm) and it’ll be absolutely worth it!

  4. You’ll walk away in a state of WOW.



After the event, we’ll start putting together your brilliant, comprehensive brand strategy report.

It’ll include everything we went through on the day in a beautiful, easy to comprehend and absorb format.

It’ll contain the entire 360 analysis we’ve done together of your company, your audience breakdown and customer journey, a high level digital action plan of strategies we’d suggest to action, advice on technologies and platforms we’d recommend to help you achieve your goals and more. ie. A digital marketing map to take you on a journey from now to where you want to be in the future.




Are you ready for one of the most powerful days working ‘on your business?’

Please note these sessions are by application only. Apply now to spend a day with Felicity, working on your business.

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