Fall 2020

1 Sept, 14:00: Planning meeting

8 Sept, 14:00: Paper discussion – The megabiota… by Enquist et al.

15 Sept, 14:00: Vacant

22 Sept, 14:00: New postdoc (with Anne)?

29 Sept, 14:00: Something on leaf mesophyll conductance (John Marshall / Zsofia Stangl)

6 Oct, 14:00: Tree ecophysiology under heat stress and recovery; a study from French Guiana (Olivier Manzi)

13 Oct, 13:30: Leaf physiological and plant growth responses to increased temperature – results from meta-analyses (Danielle Way)

20 Oct: Vacant

27 Oct, 14:00: Wilhelm Osterman presenting PhD topic

2-3 Nov: BECC annual meeting

10 Nov, 14:00: Tropical tree growth and mortality? (Bonaventura Ntirugulirwa)

17 Nov, 14:00: An overview on what the cuticle consists of and the current consensus of how it’s made in the plant (Mats Andersson)

24 Nov, 14:00: Updates on project in Latnja (Geerte de Jong)

1 Dec, 14:00: Phosphorus (Annemieke/Lasse)

2-3 Dec: MERGE annual meeting

8 Dec, 14:00: ??? (Maria Grundström)

15 Dec, 14:00: Myriam Mujawamariya giving pre-thesis defense talk

Spring 2020

13 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant annual meeting at Chalmersska Huset

21 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Henni Ylänne from Lund University: Depicting reindeer impact on vegetation and ecosystem processes by using national borders as long-term experiments

28 Jan: Updating webpage

4 Feb: AiroPlant meeting – TAB

11 Feb: AiroPlant meeting – lab discussions

18 Feb: AiroPlant meeting – Erik Thomson, GAC coordinator, CMB

25 Feb: AiroPlant meeting – Brainstorming: Johan + Maria presents proposal ideas

3 Mar: AiroPlant meeting – Brainstorming

10 Mar: AiroPlant meeting – Brainstorming: Karin

17 Mar: AiroPlant meeting – Cancelled

24 Mar: AiroPlant meeting – Cancelled

31 Mar: AiroPlant meeting – Cancelled

7 Apr: AiroPlant meeting – Cancelled

14 Apr: AiroPlant meeting – Cancelled

21 Apr: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom)

28 Apr: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom) –  Malin Broberg: Ozone effects on nutrient redistribution in wheat crops

5 May: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom) – Per-Erik Karlsson – Increased export of nitrogen and mercury in runoff after final cut harvest of a Norway spruce forest in southwest Sweden

12 May: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom) – Edith Hammer, Lund University – Build your own soil: Soil ecology and carbon stabilization in microengineered soil chips

19 May: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom) – Mirindi Eric Dusenge and Johan Uddling – respiration work Rwanda

26 May: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom) – Håkan Pleijel, “Mercuru accumulation in vegetation”

2 Jun: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom) – Student presentations: Andrea Hansen Mendes

9 Jun: AiroPlant meeting (Zoom) – Maja Sundqvist

16 Jun: AiroPlant meeting – Mirindi Eric Dusenge ongoing work (short presentation 10-15 min) + extended discussion about activities next semester

Fall 2019

27 Aug, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Hello again!

3 Sep, 15:00: AiroPlant meeting – Scheduling for the fall + entering publications etc on webpage

10 Sep, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Shubhangi Lamba: PhD thesis pre-presentation for feedback

17 Sep, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Karin Johansson telling us about her Finnish arctic adventure

20 Sep, 13:00: PhD dissertation, Shubhangi Lamba

24 Sep, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Bonaventure Ntirugulirwa: conference pre-presentation

1 Oct, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Eric Mirindi Dusenge: PhD thesis pre-presentation for feedback

8 Oct, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Leif Klemedtsson will come and tell us about opportunities for research and teaching at Skogaryd field research site

15 Oct, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Maria Wittemann: Temperature acclimation in four contrasting tropical tree species

22-23 Oct: BECC annual meeting in Halmstad

29 Oct, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Anne Bjorkman presents her research with particular emphasis on ongoing and coming projects as well as potential collaboration

5 Nov, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – John Livsey, Stockholm University, visiting and presenting some of his PhD research

12 Nov, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Carl Svensson presenting plans for his 60 credits MSc thesis project

19 Nov, 14:00: AiroPlant – (1) Lina Mercado: Measuring thermal acclimation of montane Andean forest and modelling tropical rainforest productivity; (2) Eric Mirindi Dusenge: Thermal acclimation of photosynthesis and respiration in two tropical rainforest species; (3) Johan Uddling: Controls of shade tolerance in tropical montane trees

26 Nov, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Göran Wallin: Leaf mineral composition in tropical trees

3 Dec, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Filip Moldan: Changes in plant species at Gårdsjön after 25 years of N additions

10 Dec: BioEnv department day (no AiroPlant meeting)

17 Dec, 14:00: AiroPlant meeting – Malin Broberg: Ozone effects on mineral allocation in wheat crops + Håkan Pleijel: Interactive effects of ozone and nitrogen on crop yield and protein

Spring 2019

15 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Hello again! Scheduling the spring term.

22 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Thibaud Chatillo: “Results from MSc work on the Formas project Clean the air with plants

29 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Zhaozhong Feng (Chinese Academy of Science): Chinese research on impacts of ozone on crops and trees

5 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Paper discussion: Synthetic glycolate metabolism pathways stimulate crop growth and productivity in the field by PF South et al., Science  04 Jan 2019

12 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Publication presentation and cake by Håkan Pleijel

19 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Publication presentation and cake + proposal idea by Annemieke Gärdenäs

26 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Lasse Tarvainen: Presenting VR/Formas proposal idea

28 Feb: 8:30, 10:30 and 13:00 – lectures by candidates for lectureship in plant ecology

1 Mar: 8:30 – lecture by candidate for lectureship in plant ecology

5 Mar: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Hongxing He

11 Mar: 9:40-15:30 MERGE workshop – Phosphorus and Nitrogen interactions in ecosystem models

12 Mar: No Tuesday meeting due to workshop the day before

19 Mar: AiroPlant meeting – Maria Wittemann: Photosynthetic thermal acclimation in four contrasting tropical tree species

26 Mar: AiroPlant meeting – Planning and discussions

2 Apr: AiroPlant meeting – Håkan Pleijel: The Scandinavian mountain range – a short introduction (presentation for BioDiversa kickoff meeting)

9 Apr: AiroPlant meeting – TBA

16 Apr: AiroPlant meeting – Myriam Mujawamariya: Climate sensitivity of tropical trees along an elevation gradient in Rwanda

23 Apr: AiroPlant meeting – Myriam Mujawamariya: Halftime seminar

30 Apr: AiroPlant meeting – Mattias Lindholm: PhD thesis pre-presentation and defence

7-8 May: SDG meeting arranged by BECC/Merge in Gothenburg

14 May: AiroPlant meeting – Shubhangi Lamba: Acclimation impacts on carbon and water fluxes of Norway spruce

21 May: AiroPlant meeting – Johan Uddling: Loss of stomatal control is a major contributor to ozone-induced declines in tree water use efficiency

24 May: PhD dissertation, Mattias Lindholm

28 May: AiroPlant meeting – MSc pre-presentation by Amour Dondi: Beans and water-use efficiency, and by Sara Daun: Effects of ozone on protein concentrations and yield in wheat, rice, maize and soybean

4 Jun: AiroPlant meeting – No Tuesday meeting due to MSc thesis presentations

11 Jun: AiroPlant meeting – Håkan Pleijel: Mineral composition of urban tree leaves

18 Jun: AiroPlant meeting – Shubhangi Lamba: Acclimation impacts on carbon and water fluxes of Norway spruce

Fall 2018

21 Aug: Hello again!

28 Aug: Annual AiroPlant day at Gårdsjön

4 Sep: Paper discussion – “Trajectories of the Earth System in the Antropocene” by Steffen, Rockström et al.

11 Sep: Webpage updates + setting schedule for the fall

18 Sep: 15:00 AiroPlant meeting – Hongxing He: “Modelling phosphorous cycle in terresrtial ecosystems”

25 Sep: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Janine Wichmann (University of Pretoria): “Sub-Saharan African air pollution: a large but neglected problem”

2 Oct: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Hongxing He: “Simulating ectomycorrhiza in boreal forests: implementing ectomycorrhizal fungi model MYCOFON in CoupModel (v5)” (brief paper presentation)

9 Oct: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – TBA

16 Oct: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Håkan Pleijel: “CO2 effects on wheat – dose-response and meta-analysis”

23 Oct: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Shubhangi Lamba: “Physiological acclimation of Carbon fluxes: Application of MAESTRA model”

30 Oct: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – John Livsey & Stefano Manzoni (University of Stockholm): “Soil microbe-water interactions – Concepts and modelling” (Stefano); “Water efficient rice production – Trade-offs and sustainability” (John)

6 Nov: 14:00 AiroPlant Meeting – Danielle Way (University of Western Ontario): “Climate change impacts on boreal trees: from the greenhouse to the field”

13 Nov: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – TBA

20 Nov: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Mattias Lindholm: “The beatle fauna in Galterö – indicator species in heathlands”

27 Nov: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting –  TBA

4 Dec: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Maria Wittemann, Lasse Tarvainen, Johan Uddling and Göran Wallin report from field trips to Rwanda + Phytotron plans presented by Johan Uddling

11 Dec: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Lasse Tarvainen: “Tropical tree traits – results from Peru and Rwanda”

18 Dec: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Johan Uddling presents ERC proposal for feedback from the group

Spring 2018

9 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – planning

11 Jan: 13:15 PhD half-time seminar – Malin Broberg
Title: Ozone and carbon dioxide impacts on wheat crops: yield and grain quality
Place: Room 6 (Botan)

16 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Discussion and sharing of advice on ‘How to make quality proposals for Formas and VR’

23 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Per Erik Karlsson: Introducing a new indicator for nitrogen deposition to forest within the Swedish Environmental Quality Standards

30 Jan: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Åsa Kasimir (GVC): Forestry on drained fertile peat soil is a large source of greenhouse gases, possible to mitigate by wetland adapted plants

6 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Yansen Xu: Mesophyll conductance and biochemical capacity limitations of photosynthesis in popular trees under elevated ozone

13 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – TBA

20 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Lasse Tarvainen: Towards a unified framework for linking leaf and root traits in trees

27 Feb: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Mattias Lindholm: Power-line corridors as a heathland habitat for ground beetles and wolf spiders

6 Mar: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Johan Uddling: Crop quality under rising CO2

13 Mar: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Maria Wittemann: Acclimation of photosynthetical  parameters to temperature in tropical tree species

20 Mar: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Shubhangi Lamba: Impact of physiological acclimation on carbon and water fluxes of Norway spruce

27 Mar: 13:15 PhD introductory seminar – Maria Wittemann

3 Apr: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Hans Alexandersson: Impact of bird sanctuaries on colonial breeding seabirds. Results from a long term monitoring program

10 Apr: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Bonaventure Ntirugulirwa: Suitability of different indigenous tree species in different regions of Rwanda with respect to their climate and climate change sensitivity

17 Apr: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Aloysie Manishimwe: Biomass allocation in tropical montane tree species in response to temperature, water and nutrients

24 Apr: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Jenny Klingberg & Håkan Pleijel: Clean the air with plants – field measurement campaign in Gothenburg

1 May: (Holiday, no meeting)

8 May: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – cancelled

15 May: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Håkan Pleijel: Ozone impacts on crop yield and food security – an overview

22 May: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting –
Ina Kyselova: Effects of atmospheric factors versus soil factors on spruce forest water balance, observations and CoupModel simulations
Emil Cienciala

29 May: 14:30 AiroPlant meeting – Solomon G. Gebrehiwot: Hydrology of the Upper Blue Nile

4 Jun: 14:00 – Bonaventure Ntirugulirwa: PhD project presentation

5 Jun: BioEnv day (no AiroPlant meeting)

12 Jun: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – TBA

19 Jun: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – TBA

Fall 2017

5 Sept: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Linnea Hansson, SLU Uppsala
Annemieke, publication presentation + fika

12 Sept: BECC Carbon Cycle theme meeting in Lund

13 Sept: BECC Ecosystem Services Theme meeting in Halmstad

14 Sep: 13:30 – Master thesis presentation Daniel Ganszky’s entitled: Climate sensitivity of tropical trees along an elevation gradient in Rwanda
Room 5 Botan building

19 Sep: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – discuss BECC proposals

26 Sep: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Håkan Pleijel, publication presentation + fika

3 Oct: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Johan Uddling about three new projects and networks

10 Oct: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Göran Wallin about BECC application
Malin Broberg, publication presentation + fika

17 Oct: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Annemieke Gärdenäs briefing on recent publication and master thesis projects

24 Oct: 14:00 Airoplant meeting

31 Oct: 14:00 Airoplant meeting

14 Nov: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Mattias Lindholm

21 Nov: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Myriam Mujawamariya, Climate change sensitivity of photosynthesis and respiration in tropical trees

28 Nov: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Filip Moldan, predicting DOC concentrations in lakes based on water residence time
Håkan, Johan and Malin, short report from research visit to Beijing

5 Dec: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Håkan Pleijel, new FORMAS project “Clean the air with plants – can PAH exposure be reduced with urban vegetation?”

12 Dec: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Robert Björk, Dept Earth Sciences

19 Dec: 14:00 Airoplant meeting – Ulf Molau, IPCC and IPBES

Spring 2017

10 JAN: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting -Tage Vowles pre-dissertation

17 JAN: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Scheduling spring term

20 JAN: 10:00 – Dissertation Tage Vowles
Title: “The influence of herbivory on shrub expansion in the Scandes forest-tundra ecotone”
Location: Big lecture hall, Botan building

Jan 31:  14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Lasse Tarvainen

Feb 7: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Paper discussion, Åslög Dahl responsible

Feb 14: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting

Feb 21: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Annemieke Reurslag Gärdenäs, recent paper

Feb 28: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – TBA

Mar 7: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Paper discussion, Per Erik Karlsson responsible

Mar 14: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Johan Uddling, crop CO2 responses (or proposal idea)

Mar 21: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Mika (student with Åslög)

Mar 28: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Sofie Hellsten, IVL, Nitrogen and agriculture in the Nordic countries – causes and effects, measures and recommendations.

Apr 4: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Paper discussion, Göran Wallin responsible

Apr 11: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Giulia Vico (SLU), photosynthesis temperature response

Apr 25: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – paper discussion (Åslög)

May 2: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Håkan Pleijel, tree rings

May 9: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – – Linnea (student with Annemieke)

May 15-18: Expert workshop in Hindås: Ozone Impacts on Food Security in Rapidly Developing Countries: Concerns and Possible Solutions – final activity of Gina Mills (CEH Bangor) guest professorship in the AiroPlant group, funded by the Adlerbertska foundation.

May 16: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Marina

May 18: Plant Fascination Day

May 23: AiroPlant day (Jonsered)

May 30: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – TBA

Jun 13: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Janina Konarska

Jun 20: 14:00 AiroPlant meeting – Ylva van Meeningen (Lund), BVOC emissions and photosynthesis in trees along a latitudinal gradient in Europe.

Fall 2016

11 OCT: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Gina Mills (ozone and global food security)

18 OCT: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Per Erik Karlsson (phenology of deciduous trees in northern Europe)

25 OCT: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – LITERATURE DISCUSSION (paper selected by Gina Mills)

31 OCT: 15:00 – Nordenskjöld lecture
Title: The hidden threat to global food security from ozone pollution
Speaker: Prof. Gina Mills, centre For Ecology & Hydrology, natural Environment Research Council, Bangor, UK
Location: Nimbus, Geovetarcentrum, Guldhedsgatan 5A, Gothenburg

1 NOV: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Malin Broberg

8 NOV: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Johan Uddling (tree shade-tolerance)

15 NOV: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Håkan Pleijel

22 NOV: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – TBA

29 NOV: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Karin Johansson

6 DEC: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Martin Persson (Chalmers)

9 DEC: 10:00 – Dissertation: Brigitte Nyirambangutse
Title: Carbon and Nutrient Cycling in Afromontane Tropical Forests at Different Successional Stage
Location: Big lecture hall, Botan building

13 DEC: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting –  Airoplant website

20 DEC: 14:00 – AiroPlant meeting – Shubhangi Lamba (MAESTRA modelling)

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