AiroPlant – Plant-atmosphere interactions in a changing climate

AiroPlant is a research group studying the interactions between vegetation and the atmosphere. Our research focus is at the interface between terrestrial eco(physio)logy and atmospheric science, with particular interest in how climate change and air pollution affect plants and ecosystems ranging from arctic to tropical.

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A major driver for the research of the AiroPlant group is environmental change, especially climate change, rising concentrations of tropospheric ozone and carbon dioxide, as well as certain aspects of urban ecology. In a world of rapid environmental change, we seek to address burning questions for which research is needed to understand future environmental risks and for the design of efficient mitigation strategies. How does climate change and air pollution affect plant productivity and ecosystem water economy? Will climate change alter exposure to allergenic pollen and interact with air pollutants to worsen human health problems? What will be the future of Afromontane and Scandinavian arctic ecosystems? And so on…

The AiroPlant group conducts field work in different parts of the world, including the Arctic tundra as well as the Boreal, Temperate and Tropical biomes. Research approaches include controlled, ecologically realistic field experiments with air pollution, elevated temperature, elevated carbon dioxide, nutrient supply etc, as well as studies along natural environmental gradients (latitudinal, elevational). In addition, we conduct theoretical syntheses of data from our experiments and from the literature. Our research covers different spatial scales as we aim to understand not only how plants respond to environmental change, but also how these responses translate into effects on ecosystem processes and climate feedbacks.

Perhaps you are looking for a collaboration or a student project? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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