Why does your website need a disclaimer?

The digital age means that information is literally at the fingertips of every person that has access to a computer. People are constantly searching the web for answers to questions they have about products and services and their own personal curiosities.

One extreme example that we are all familiar with is Dr Google. You put your symptoms into the search engine and it comes back with a whole variety of information on what you might be suffering from. The information you receive will more than likely be exaggerated.

We know this, but do we take the information provided on other websites more seriously?

This scenario plays out every day for companies all over the world from a full array of industries. You need to protect yourself in the event the information you provide is misinterpreted by the user or simply goes out of date.

Website disclaimers can protect you if this happens. Your disclaimer limits your liability as the website owner from some of the key legal issues that can arise from the operation of a website. These include defamation and damage claims suffered by the user.

Even if a virus is unknowingly transferred from you to someone accessing your site, they may be able to demand compensation.

There are a range of website disclaimers available dependent on your website’s purpose including privacy disclaimers. If you intend to collect any personal information from your customers including their name, address or email details, then your website MUST have a privacy policy attached.

Terms and conditions need to be set out if you are selling goods online. They ensure that you and your customers are aware of your rights and that you both meet each other’s expectations. You might even find that they will help you sell more products as you will appear to be more professional and trustworthy to your potential customer.

Another scenario where a disclaimer can help you is when more than one person is contributing to your website or when you link through to another site that you don’t control. A disclaimer will protect you from taking responsibility for the opinion provided by another person. This is particularly important when a contributor posts an article or an opinion piece that may not be mainstream or is incorrect or controversial in some way.

Regardless of the type of website you run, a disclaimer is an essential part of your business and should be treated as such. At Polished Group we want to make sure our clients are covered for all possibilities. We have teamed up with LEGAL123.com and by clicking HERE! you can purchase their easy to use Legal Package which will keep you up to date with customisable disclaimers and website templates.


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