Set your Christmas holiday hours on your Google My Business listing

Christmas is coming, and nothing ruins the holiday spirit more than confusion around opening hours.

You know that frustrating feeling (or overwhelming rage) you feel when you’re trying to figure out if your favourite store is open and the information isn’t correct online? So do your customers.

Having accurate holiday trading hours across all your online channels (including social media) is extremely important. Luckily our friends at Google have now made it easier than ever, allowing businesses to update and schedule their holiday hours in advance!

We have included steps below on how you can update your holiday hours now so you can focus on what’s important this holiday season!

How to Add Special Hours to Your Google My Business Page -

  • Log in to Google My Business and select the location that you want to set your holiday hours for.

  • On the “Location details” page, scroll down and click “Special hours”

  • Choose the date when special hours apply and enter the correct trading hours.

  • Select the box next to “Closed” to indicate that the location is closed all day.

  • Select “add another” to add more special hours for the location.

Google has also included some great options and features, allowing customers to see whether the hours you are viewing are your holiday hours, regular hours or even custom messaging like “hours may differ” If your closing hours are flexible.

The special hours feature can be used all year round, so you can provide your customers with updated, accurate information on your trading hours for any occasion from Easter to New Years, keeping your customers happy all year round!


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