Queensland $5k Business Grants Announced

Have you heard? The Queensland Government has announced a new round of $5,000 grants for local businesses #WOOHOO!

The Business Basics grants program provides support to businesses to increase core skills and adopt best practice.

This support includes funded activities in priorities including:

Training and coaching

  • Business development, marketing, human resources or business planning topics

  • Training or coaching

Website build or upgrades

  • Website build or upgrade (including website refresh)

  • Adding e-commerce

  • Developing new website content

Professional business advice

  • Business plans

Strategic marketing services

  • Strategic marketing plans including search engine optimisation advice

To be eligible for this grant, your business must:

  • have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant

  • have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST

  • have a Queensland headquarters

  • have a turnover of $300,000 or less for the current financial year

  • not be insolvent or have owners/directors that are an undischarged bankrupt.

How to apply

Excited to apply? You’ll need to be super organised as the grants will no doubt run out super quick! Here’s a low down on what you’ll need to organise and links to the application form etc. One of the key things you’ll need is a detail quotation from your chosen supplier about what they’ll do, the price (which must total to $5000 exclusive of GST as a minimum) and details about their business such as their ABN etc. Thinking about using your Grant to update your website, put you or your team through some one-on-one social media marketing training or nailing your digital strategy? Let’s talk and we can put together a quote for you!




You’ll need to complete and sign a Stat Dec agreeing that you meet the eligibility criteria (get this organised ahead of time because this could slow you up)



Here’s a preview of the application form so you can see what questions etc will be asked



Questions you will need to answer inside the application:


  • Describe your business including the products or services it provides and your target market. * (100 words max)


  • Short description of the grant funded activity * (200 words max)

Example: We will use the funds to create a website for our business showing casing our key marketing offerings to attract new clientele and cement us as exerts in our field.  By improving our digital presence, we can grow our company, profits and team. It will be a vital addition to our business and have a very positive impact on our business as a whole.


  • How will the grant funded activities enhance the core skills of the business and make it more competitive (200 max)

Example: The new website will give us the ability to tell the story of our business online.  We will be able to effectively speak to our target market, sell them on our experience and why we are great at what we do.  We will be able to stand up against our competition through having a professional online presence.


  • How will the grant funded activity assist your business to grow revenue, profit, and create jobs. (200 max)

Example: We will be able to expand our reach and marketing to attract new customers to our business.  This will inturn assist us in growing our revenue and increase our profits so we can invest back into our business, further grow our team and create new jobs for the local community.  



….and there we have it! If you need any assistance putting together a quotation for the grant reach out here we’d love to help!


Grants maxed out in under 3 hours!


It all comes down to connection