Case Study | Viva Pilates


Viva Pilates is a Brisbane institution when it comes to fitness. They have three beautiful studios across the city plus an exciting online offering.


C L I E N T B R I E F :

“Fresh, clean, friendly, welcoming, beautiful… they are just some of the things that make up our brand and having a website that reflected this was so important to us. That’s exactly what Polished created for us and we couldn’t be happier. We have worked with the team at Polished for years now and they’re absolutely brilliant to deal with.”


Fresh, clean, health and wellness focused, happy and vibrant are some of the words we’d use to describe this website.


The Viva team are an amazing, vibrant bunch and they needed a website that showcased this to future clientele.


The Viva team are a marketing machine with lots of campaigns running so their team are constantly making updates to their site. Just a heads up as the website may look different at the time you click this button - the above screenshots give you a great idea of website that we built but feel free to click through to the live site too.


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