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In 2021, we started working with a brilliant property developer on their masterplanned community. They had been with several agencies over the previous three years and results had been very inconsistent and felt like they were stuck in ‘set and forget land’. Three months in… check out the latest stats and their feedback below #wow


C L I E N T B R I E F :

“We’ve worked with multiple agencies on this development and we just need results. We’ve got a really great product, we just need really high quality leads for our sales team.”


What we achieved

Multiple agencies over the last few years and not getting results? We smelled a challenge. Did we meet that challenge? YOU BETCHA. In the three months after taking over this campaign as the client said ‘you have seriously changed the game Polished’.

Not only have we achieve MORE LEADS consistently for three months than they had ever achieved with the other agencies, the quality of the leads was so incredible, multiple house and land sales have already been attributed directly from our campaign only 12 weeks into us taking over.

When you’re talking about a big ticket item like a land purchase, normally the conversion time as they move through the different steps of the sales funnel between ‘interest’ ie. seeing an ad and ‘sale’ ie. purchasing can be lengthy. The fact we are averaging multiple sales a month from the campaign means the quality of the leads we are generating is nothing short of exceptional.

How are we doing it?

Before we started posting or even looking at starting a new campaign we analysed all the data we could. We also have close to 20 years experience working in the property market so we understand the customer journey or a purchaser extremely well, this meant we could create a marketing campaign and structured content that perfectly supported this journey.

We designed a completely new landing page and repositioned the lead magnet. We made suggestions on subsequent follow up marketing and then and only then, did we get to work on the campaign. For the campaign itself, we went into rapid testing mode - creating multiple version so the landing page to test and also different versions of the ad creative (videos, stills and carousels) as well as multiple messaging. Sound like overkill for testing a new campaign? That’s how we achieve the magic ;)

In the first two months we increased the number of people clicking through to their website by 529% WITHOUT increasing the budget at all.



Here’s a before an after…

Old agency: Average clicks were sitting around 54

Polished average clicks are 340

We achieved a 529% increase in clicks through to the website


Old agency: Average number of impressions were 613 per month

Polished average impressions are sitting at 22,500

We achieved a 3580% increase in people seeing their ad


Old agency: Average cost per impression was 51 cents

Polished average cost per impression is 2 cents   

We achieved a 96% decrease in cost per impression


Old agency: Average cost per click was $5.82

Polished average cost per click is $1.40

We achieved a reduction in the cost per click of 75.9%



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